In this month’s video, Eways Aviation focuses on the Nigerian aviation landscape and its wealth of possibilities. With its rich and versatile aviation landscape, Nigeria continues to dominate the skies and take African aviation to new heights. As one of the leaders on the continent, Nigeria is home to a myriad of airports and is second only to the US in its number of airlines.

The country’s 15 notable airports come in three groups: five that meet international standards and five domestic while the rest serve as important regional airports. Furthermore, in response to increased passenger traffic, the Nigerian government has plans to expand its existing airports with the addition of 11 new terminals that include Nnamdi Azikiwe International in the capital Abuja as well as the busy Murtala Mohamed International Airport in Lagos.

In terms of airlines, there are 8 local players in the Nigerian sky such as Air Peace, Azman, Dana Air and Green Africa Airways. In addition, United Nigeria Airlines is the country’s newest domestic carrier that is in talks to expand its operations to international destinations. Interestingly Nigeria is also home to the unique Ibom Air, the world’s first active provincial airline – as opposed to the national airlines.

Maintaining one of the most sophisticated aviation networks in Africa, continued expansion positions Nigeria as one of the key leaders on the continent, soon to harness the full potential of the skies.

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