Eways Aviation has decided to do everything to meet the needs of airlines that were hit hard by the Coronavirus health crisis.

Our teams remain available 24/7 working in AOG mode to respond to emergencies.

We provide a few minutes response guarantee to any request and the shortest delivery times (within 1 week) taking into consideration the current circumstances.

A complete product catalog is available for companies to choose from the preventive / combative solutions against coronavirus to continue the operations even in the reduced state.

We are offering the following products:

– Infrared thermometers
– Protective coveralls
– N95 and surgical masks
– Antibacterial hydroalcoholic gel (in bottles of 100, 300 and 500ml)
– Test kits for Coronavirus
– Protective glasses
– Gloves (powdered and non-powdered).

All these products are available on an AOG basis.
Despite the circumstances, Eways Aviation continues to offer a close to regular quality of service.

Eways Aviation’s main goal is to provide the best possible support to its customers without participating in the price inflation practiced by certain suppliers.

We are committed to always providing the best value for money available on the market.

More than ever, Eways Aviation remains true to its ambition to help airlines continue to fly, regardless of the circumstances and difficulties encountered.