Wifi onboard in a plane
Man using smart phone in airplane.

To meet the modern demands of the aviation market, Eways Aviation works with the best partners to provide airlines with secure and stable in-flight WiFi, during the whole flight.

Why Choose Onboard Wifi for Airlines?

With the momentum of digitalization and connectivity in the aviation industry, in-flight Wi-Fi is an essential part of the passenger journey in airports. It offers travelers stable Internet connectivity on their personal devices for the duration of the flight. This can be crucial for businessmen and women, but also for families who are preparing for their arrival or parents who want to keep their child occupied during the flight with their favourite entertainment content.

    How Can Passengers Use Wifi On The Plane?

    Your passengers can access it like any traditional ground-based WiFi and enjoy seamless Internet connectivity for browsing, working or entertainment.  Eways Aviation provides users with ground and satellite Internet technology, turning aircraft into flying hotspots and giving travelers the convenience of unlimited connectivity.

      How Does In-Flight Wifi Work?

      In-flight WiFi works through antennas mounted on the bottom and top of the aircraft. These antennas automatically detect and connect to the strongest data signal nearby. Overland the aircraft connects to cellular towers during the flight, facilitating Internet connectivity for passengers in the same manner as a WiFi hotspot. For extended flights over bodies of water, the data connection is provided by secure satellite transmission, allowing for a stable data connection for passengers throughout the flight.

        Is airline WiFi safe?

        As more airlines continue to provide in-flight WiFi, data security is definitely a top priority.  On-board WiFi systems need to be secure as much as possible in order to protect the passengers and airline’s information. We minimize the risks by making sure that your crew and passengers are well informed about best practices to secure connections on the public internet, with practical advice on how to use their devices safely.

        At Eways Aviation, customer happiness comes first. Our global network allows us to guarantee proper bandwidth and data security for the duration of the flight. We are here for you 24/7 and assist you through the entire process, from handling transactions with the best partners to handling the installation.