AOG africa

It can be a challenge to find the right AOG partner in Africa.

Same-day AOG delivery is a myth for most aviation firms in Africa, with remote settlements linked only by low-frequency services and insufficient capacity from urban hubs.

The stopwatch starts ticking as soon as the wheels of an aircraft hit the ground until it takes back to the skies. Every minute counts that your bird sits on the tarmac, and any delay can mean a hit of reputation, loss of revenue, and passengers choosing the competition. When your aircraft is on the ground, then you need a reliable AOG team to back you up.

Intimately knowing the aviation landscape for clients is no easy challenge for veterans and newcomers alike. Eways Aviation takes pride in forging the right local connections from the ground up and presenting the best solutions for customers in and out of the African continent.

What do you need to look for in a dedicated AOG team?

Not all AOG services are made equal. The first sign of a good team is one that responds to critical demands within seconds of you making the call. Don’t be put on hold, and don’t be trapped in follow up emails. Pick up the phone and be heard instantly.

Additionally, the most reliable AOG service should have an existing network of transport solutions to ensure that parts, equipment, and critical components dispatch as soon as possible, no matter how far or remote the airfield.

Lastly, a perfect AOG team has cultivated a solid reputation working with prestigious clients, and championed by world-renowned international airlines. They should be certified and respected, but humble enough to work with the hard-working operators connecting the African frontier.

And when you need to journey beyond simple AOG solutions, you need a team that can grow with you.

What type of commercial aviation services can Eways Aviation offer?

There is a full suite of commercial aviation services that come with working with Eways Aviation.

To begin, Eways Aviation specializes in everything from operational services like aircraft spare parts (PMA & OEM), Commercial aircraft maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) to wet-lease ACMI services

From there, Eways Aviation is ready to take the next step on your aviation journey, offering aircraft interior design, the very latest in onboard wifi solutions, digital services, Gse Equipments, and a full range of airport equipment and services.

Eways Aviation is a proud partner with TAP maintenance and engineering, as well as world-wide tip-to-tail aviation solutions provider Wencor.

Eways Aviation offers 24/7 AOG services throughout Africa. Pick up the phone; we are only a minute response away. Dial the AOG support line at +1 305 376 7383  or email us at