Private jet plane flying above clouds

In the African continent, where air services are lacking or have not adapted to the demand, business aviation is an effective response to the needs of many companies.

Thanks to private jets, we can now bring together African capitals.

Marc, an employee of a multinational company based in Côte d’Ivoire, tells us:

“Connecting Yamoussoukro to Pointe-Noire or Lubumbashi is a jigsaw puzzle. The flights are mostly during the night and with many stops (very long (overlays) sometimes). Suddenly, a simple move to control a production unit in another southern country mobilizes a week of working time with comfort unsuited for those who work remotly”

Chartering a private jet has a substantial cost. Eways Aviation finds the best solution for your needs and your resources through an “off market” research and mutualization solutions.

In the face of the shortfall caused by a long and exhausting journey, a private jet trip sometimes proves to be the most profitable solution!

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Our guarantees:

  • The best value for your money
  • You save the most time between your starting point and your point of arrival